Virginia's Drone Service Provider


+ Powerful, Actionable  Drone Data​


+ Aerial Photo, Video, Mapping, Measurement

+ Utility and Infrastructure Inspection 


+ Thermal Inspection, Analysis and Mapping

+ Emergency Response, Search and Rescue, Drone Training 



*RVA Aerial is an FAA Part 107 certified and insured Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) service provider with an absolute focus on safety. All FAA regulations and airspace rules are strictly followed. All employees are experienced UAS pilots and certified Level 1 Thermographers trained in thermal inspection.

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Visual Inspection

Save time and cost by safely inspecting infrastructure and construction from the sky.

Mapping & Modeling

Pre-construction, ongoing, and as-built 2D and 3D site mapping and modeling. Easily pull accurate, specific measurements on orthomosaic maps.

Thermal Analysis

Use powerful thermal optics for:

  • Roof, Infrastructure and electrical equipment inspection

  • Finding areas of moisture penetration and heating/cooling loss for buildings

  • Solar farm inspection

  • Environmental and wildlife management

Stockpile Management

Quickly receive accurate volumetric data for stockpile inventory.

Photo & Video

Capture vivid aerial 4K imagery and video for marketing, promotion, and any purpose you imagine.

Emergency Response,
 Search & Rescue

Equip emergency responders and search and rescue teams with a safe, comprehensive view from the air.


RVA Aerial, LLC was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2016 by two experienced drone pilots with a shared vision of a bright drone-integrated future. Our mission is to accelerate the safe, positive use of aerial platforms for data acquisition of all types. RVA Aerial specializes in commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS) operations, using the aerial platform with visual and infrared cameras to provide mapping, infrastructure and equipment inspection, stockpile measurement, photo/video, emergency response, and training services to the commercial, industrial, and agricultural sectors.



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